Spice mix - Blends

Spice mix - Blends

All the blends are either our own or tailor made according to client's requests. Delarom always ensure the privacy of the blends. The products are prepared in our blend house based in Ikıtelli, Istanbul. All the blend products are packed in impervious aluminum packages.

Sucuk Blend

  • Beef Sucuk Blend
  • Chicken Sucuk Blend

Salami Blend

  • Beef Salami Blend
  • Chicken Salami Blend
  • Bologna Salami Blend
  • Mortadella Salami Blend

Sausage Blend

  • Beef Sausage Blend
  • Chicken Sausage Blend

Meat Ball Blend

  • İnegöl Type Meatball Blend
  • Tekirdağ Type Meatball Blend
  • Typical Butcher Type Meatball Blend
  • Sucuk Taste Meatball Blend
  • Grill Meatball Blend
  • Adana Type Meatball Blend
  • Misket Type Meatball Blend
  • Madalyon Type Meatball Blend

Burger Blend

  • Beef Burger Blend
  • Chicken Burger Blend

Ham Blend

  • Beef Ham Blend
  • Chicken Ham Blend

Döner Blend

  • Beef Döner Blend
  • Chicken Döner Blend

Special Blends

  • Sucuk Blend Extra
  • Meatball Blend Extra
  • Pizza Seasoning
  • Chicken Fried Blend
  • Chicken Sauce